Liquid Pearls
     Hydrate & Decorate
Frequently Asked Questions
They look like glass marbles. How are Liquid Pearls different?
Liquid Pearls are much lighter than glass marbles. Also, Liquid Pearls can be used as an attractive soil substitute that actually hydrates your plants and fresh-cut flowers. Liquid Pearls are a great base for arranging fresh-cut flowers, because the beads are soft and flexible and won’t damage the stems during positioning. Our water beads have a brilliant, bright appearance and can be mixed or layered to make a unique color or pattern.

How do I prepare Liquid Pearls for use?

Liquid Pearls are sold in dry form. 
1. Add 2 to 3 cups or more of warm water, let it sit for 3 - 8 hours or longer. More time = bigger, longer lasting pearls. You can not add too much water or soak them too long. When they reach the desired size drain excess water and use as desired.

2. When using potted plants, you will replace/add to the soil with the Liquid Pearls. If your plant requires nutrients or vitamins simply add it to the water each time you refill the water.

3. Liquid Pearls slowly release the water at the rate the plant requires. They will decrease in size over time. When they get to the size of a pea simply add more water. (3 weeks to 3 months depending on the environment, plant and container) Liquid Pearls work best when replaced every year. Just order more online. Free shipping!

This product is reusable. Just repeat step one.

How big is a Liquid Pearl?
When dry, a water bead measures about 1/10 inch in diameter or 2.5 mm (about the size of a pin head). When hydrated to full size, each bead is about 1/2 inch in diameter or larger (more like a marble size).

How do I estimate how much dry product I’ll need for my project?

Our 6-gram dry package will grow through hydration to over 2 cups or half a liter.

Can I use more than one color of Liquid Pearls in an arrangement?
Yes, you can mix Liquid Pearls together in the same container or layer them, color on color or how ever you like.

How do I use Liquid Pearls with fresh-cut flowers?
Pour hydrated Liquid Pearls into your vase, leaving enough water at the bottom to cover the cut end of the flowers. Before placing your flowers in the Liquid Pearls, cut another ½ to 1 inch off the end of the stems, which will help the flowers to drink more effectively. Some flowers, like roses, need an abundance of water. For these flowers, add water occasionally so that you can see a little free standing water at the bottom of the vase.

How do I use Liquid Pearls with my growing plants?
Liquid Pearls can be used as a soil substitute. For plants that need less water, like orchids, drain off excess water. For plants that need excess water, allow more water to remain. You can add clear, water-soluble nutrients with no side effects.

What kind of plants can I use Liquid Pearls with?
Clivia miniata, cyclamen, Kokura orchids, daffodils, crab cactus, white orchids, water lily, lily, tulip, marigold, water flowers, begonia, rhododendron, hyacinth, Anthurium, plain sailing, Snow White, science, lucky bamboo, brazil-wood, Mallory Green, the Green Giants, Milch cow, velvet bamboo taro, taro peacock bamboo, leaves of change, kidney fern, a pocket-sized coconut, Guibeizhu, Spring taro, taro bracteal, broadleaf bracket-plant, Cactus and ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, snow lotus flowers, and much more. Over 100 species. Other plants may require additional nutrients.

How else can I use my Liquid Pearls?
Besides providing a base for fresh-cut flowers and growing plants, Liquid Pearls can be used for many other uses, such as with silk flowers, with candles or accent lights, alone as an intriguing focal point, with non-toxic water-soluble fragrances to be used as a decorative air freshener, humidors, theraputic stress reliever, germinating seeds, school projects, holiday and special occasion centerpieces or in other arrangements of your creation.

Do seeds germinate faster with Liquid Pearls?
Yes! Liquid Pearls will cut the germination time up to 65% when compared to soil or other common methods. This is based on the time the seed is placed in the Liquid Pearls to the time the plant is ready to be transplanted.

Are Liquid Pearls safe?
Yes. Liquid Pearls are non-toxic, bio-degradable, and environmentally safe. We suggest keeping Liquid Pearls out of reach of children and pets, however, as they may present a choking hazard if swallowed.

Can I dispose of them down my drain?
No. Liquid Pearls could cause plugging problems if they are disposed of into any kind of drain.

Are Liquid Pearls scented?
No. You can, however, add water-soluble, plant-safe fragrances for lasting air freshness. However, we will be coming out with a scented product line soon so be sure to check back with us.

Is Liquid Pearls coming out with any new products or colors?
Yes, we will soon offer a new line of new generation Liquid Pearls. This new line of water beads looks like marbles as they will be clear with the color strewn through them like a marble. We will also be one of the very first companies in the world to offer a non-toxic glow in the dark product line!