Liquid Pearls
     Hydrate & Decorate
Decorative medium for plants,flowers,center pieces,candles,fish tanks & More

Liquid Pearls are a beautiful and functional decorative medium for floral and other craft arrangements. The liquid beads are made of a polymer that absorbs, stores and releases water at the rate your plant consumes, which makes them ideal for fresh-cut flowers and growing plants.
Non-toxic, water-soluble fragrances can be added as well to be used as decorative air fresheners and with candle displays.

Liquid Pearls come in many different colors. Our 6-gram dry package will grow through hydration to over half a liter. Liquid Pearls are reusable, environmentally safe and non-toxic.

Use Liquid Pearls with fresh cut flowers, replace or add to soil for your house plants or even with silk flowers, add fragrances to them and display as decorative air fresheners and with candle arrangements, mix them together to make beautiful center pieces, decorate your home with different colors for every holiday or season and even save them to use again next year!

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Below is a list of some of the common uses and plants fit to grow in Liquid Pearls.

Some of the many plants fit to grow in Liquid Pearls

Clivia miniata, cyclamen, Kokura orchids, daffodils, crab cactus, white orchids, water lily, lily, tulip, marigold, water flowers, begonia, rhododendron, hyacinth, Anthurium, plain sailing, Snow White, science, lucky bamboo, brazil-wood, Mallory Green, the Green Giants, Milch cow, velvet bamboo taro, taro peacock bamboo, leaves of change, kidney fern, a pocket-sized coconut, Guibeizhu, Spring taro, taro bracteal, broadleaf bracket-plant, Cactus and ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, snow lotus flowers, and much more. Over 100 species. Plants that normally use soil may need extra plant food drops each time you add water.

Product Uses


-         Waters plants for up to a year

-         Replace or add to soil with potted plants

-         Fresh cut flowers

-         Air Freshener – add favorite fragrance

-         Growing seeds before transplanting

-         With candle arrangements

-         Decorative center pieces

-         Wedding & anniversary decorations

-     Holidays & seasonal decorations

-         Silk plants and more

-         School and Earth Day Projects

      -         Humidors
      -    Theraputic stress reliever
      -    Fish Tanks

  Press play on the video below to see Liquid Pearls hydrate and learn more about Liquid Pearls.


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